5° North Espresso Blend

5° North Espresso Blend

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  • Winey

  • Butterscotch

  • Fruity

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  • 12 oz. (340g)

  • 100% African dry processed Arabica Beans

  • Medium Dark (Full City) Roast

  • Fresh roasted at 5˚ North Coffee Roasters, located in Romeo, Michigan, USA


Our espresso has been specially blended for 5° North customers. This full-bodied, unique blend of African, dry-processed Arabica beans shows bright berry and red fruit notes with excellent crema in your espresso shots. 

Our roasting team takes these beans through a journey designed to achieve a perfect balance between sweetness, acidity, body and flavor.  5° North Espresso Blend - you’ll love it as an espresso shot, and you’ll love how it carries your favorite, milk-based, hot coffee beverage.